The Silent Killer of Dreams

The silent killer of dreams is high blood pressure. Well, its one of them.  But you see this is not just about high blood pressure which is also known as hypertension.  The silent killer of dreams is living a life you despise and not doing anything about it. Or as David Henry Thoreau referred to as “silent desperation of men”

The reason high blood pressure is referred to as the silent killer is because there is little to no symptoms. A person could look healthy on the outside but can die from a heart attack. Anyways I made a video about this two subjects for a class. Surprisingly I got an A on it. I just wanted to create a video because instructors/professors must get very bored watching people do bland lectures upon diseases and pathologies. Anyways enjoy and share it if you think it was awesome. In the video there’s even Hitler explaining things, cute girls, and a bit of philosophical inspiration to get your ass into gear 😉 Thank you and have an awesome day.

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