The Only Living Boy In New York

There is three quotes that I found interesting in this movie that we all can take into consideration. I will mention it bellow.

Essentially this movie has an 80’s vibe to it where a younger man ends up sleeping with an older woman. The young man also meets an older gentleman who he converses with. This movie is basically 1st world problems yet I believe there is always something to learn from something. Keep in mind often movies can and often do lack an understanding of real life. Often some writers creates an ideal/utopean view of the world(ex. the nerd/good guy always wins in the end/ and that confessing your undying love to a girl you barely talked to will totally be a panty dropper move 😉

Here’s the trailer and bellow is the quotes for you to think upon.


-What do you want?

I want to be better… than them


should is a dangerous word—-> Often many people want things to be a certain way rather than dealing with reality and getting their ass to action. A lot of us are afraid to change our view points and suffer from cognitive dissonance. We think we know the truth but we often are subconsciously afraid of it. We want to follow flawed ideas and accept things at face value, or because it seems to be true. Always seek truth rather than trying to be right, and get should out of your mind.


if you dip your glasses in shit even the roses will look brown—> Perspective is what we lack. Who do we surround ourselves with who may damage our perspective? Sometimes its the people we think are our friends. Sometimes it can be parents who want the best for their child yet fill their mind with harmful ideas. Sometimes its our college professors, or “idols” who we do not challenge and question.

This lady has interesting point upon the word should. enjoy it.

View story at

View story at

As always have an amazing day 😉


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