Movie Suggestion(Closer/2004)

The movie closer takes a quick look at two couples who become intertwined together in  a secret affair from both parties. What makes this movie so great is that it is not only relatable, but it goes over the concept of dishonesty, cheating, and the consequences of messing with the wrong guy(Cliwe Owen). Cliwe Owen’s character is not violent or kill anyone so don’t worry. It’s a story about a stripper(Natalie Portman) who meets Jude Law. Cliwe Owen(Dr) who meets a photographer. And the deceit begins.

Cliwe Owen was pretty good in this movie. Just straight up savage(even though he gets mocked at the beginning of the movie). Personally he is the only character I truly could relate to a lot by the way he handled the “news” His character really valued honesty to the point where even if he knew it would hurt him he would still want it while Jude Laws character was not as assertive in that area of curiosity(fuck that sounds pretentious).  Also keep in mind Cliwe’s character is not all good and he is quite aware.

I like how this movie shows how you should be careful with the people you date(especially at the end/total mindfuck for Jude Law’s character) There is just many things to take from this movie, but I do now want to spoil it for you. It will likely be a classic.

here are some memorable quotes, enjoy and as always—> Have an awesome day 😉

I don’t kiss strange men(woman) 

Neither do I(Law) 


You kissed me(Law) 

What are you 12?(woman) 


Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off. But it’s better if you do(Natalie Portman) 






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