One Day In Mexico

The first night of travel always seems to be the hardest for me. Part of me wanted to be back home, yet like always I knew I would end up enjoying my short trip.  I never prepare and just go with the flow and improvise. One trick I learned is to pretend not to speak any English in order to prevent people from charging you insane amounts. I would only speak English if I knew they weren’t trying to get anything from me. Often I would speak some Russian or Spanish. I only knew one person in Mexico City, and they would not be able to meet me. I was left to my own devices to simply rely on myself. I knew I could do it. People weren’t as nice compared to my travels in South Korea, yet kind.

I would have to spend a month to understand this vast and sometimes dangerous city.  I was here for business and to take a short break and relax.  In my short stay I would describe Mexico City as “The City Of Hustlers” Each hustler had unique story or pitch. Some said they had some decease/cancer, some did it for charity,  and others gave you value in some way.  An odd one was two kids walking around who said something about their dad and wrestling, and then one of the kids would lay on top of broken glass. In hopes someone would give them money for the horrid act. Being stationary made you an easy target yet I tried to be nice. I did not have much money on me so I had to be picky who I gave it to. My favorite hustlers were the people who had something to offer besides just taking and giving nothing in return. For example when my taxi stopped at a red light a homeless man started washing the car even though it was raining. He dd not ask for permission and just started doing it. You cannot be mad at a guy who was trying to do something nice. The act of itself reminded me of a Grant Cardone Tv Show about how he hires people. There was one episode in particular where they had to stop cars clean their windshield and get paid. The amount of ego one must get over is amazing, yet in the greater scheme of things it is so simple. The best hustler award would have to go to the kids who would go around rapping for people. I will mention them later in this post.


I at one point tried talking to a group of women but they were quite rude and unfriendly. I never put my self worth on how a woman reacts to me. Why give your power away to some strangers who do not know you? That’s insanity! They most likely were mean because a lot of people were selling stuff around the area. I then met a man from Cuba who saw himself as the man of the world. He did not like patriotism because he believed it separated people. And I must say that is a valid point. Later I ended up talking to two lawyer women who were dressed in normal clothes, and they were so kind. Being a curious person I asked one of them if she was doing it for the money or because she liked it. She was delightfully honest and laughed when she said, “for the money!” She loved art and disliked the famous artist Frida Kahlo because often it was depressing. She was interested in spreading positive energy and being able to make artwork that improved your mood rather than dampen it with sadness. There is already enough sorrow in the world. She told me her favorite artists were Remedios Varo & Carriston <— I forgot the first name. I believe she said it was a British artist. They invited me to join them upon their museum tour and I did. Being me however I often lose track of people and get separated.

Eventually I started walking across the street and noticed a beautiful girl. She just seemed kind and I had to come and talk to her.  I thought to myself, “I hope she wont tell me to fuck off.” Let’s find out. All I had to do was just to show up. That’s all.  I did notice she glanced at me. I moved to her side and lightly tapped her on the shoulder. She seemed a little confused as I tried to talk in Spanish, but laughed as we walked across the street. She had such a genuine energy. Since we barely understood each other we decided to go to a bookstore, and get a notebook, and communicate with pictures, and body language. At some point I was sitting there enjoying her company and the rapper hustlers showed up. They asked her a few questions and then all of the sudden started rapping about us! It was awesome. I wish I had a lot of money so I could have given them at least $50 but I only had enough for a taxi for the next day.  She told me she had her heart broken and was a little sad. I loved how vulnerable she was.  It turned out she liked the same band as me, and her favorite song depended upon how she felt in general at the moment. It was The 1975- Somebody Else

I told her I had to leave the next day. I cannot lie. I have to be honest and sincere. Parting was a little sad, yet such a beautiful moment. I gave her a hug as she sneaked a kiss upon my cheek. As she walked towards her destination in the pouring rain I thought to myself, “this feels like a movie. Fucking beautiful. I’m glad I met her.”   She was truly awesome, and I will remember it.

On my flight back I almost missed my flight. Luckily they called for my name. I ended up being able to pick any seat upon the flight. I never understood why people rush to be in line for the boarding.  Why? You move a few feet at a time while you wait for others to move their stuff in a luggage carrier. Why not wait before the plane departs and be the last one. No one will get in your way, and you wont have to wait in line. And most likely get to pick a seat that will be better.

I ended up seating next to an older bitchy lady. Fuck, she had such terrible energy about her. She was rude to the flight attendant, and so demanding. When the screens rolled up she got pissed, and berated the flight attendant. There was nothing but shitty television upon the airline tv set anyway. The monitors simply malfunctioned. It happens. Move on. She then angrily asked him, “What am I supposed to do?’ When she said it I thought it was just such a childlike thing to say. The flight was less than two hours away. We are responsible for keeping ourselves preoccupied, and we must take responsibility for own life! There is little of value to blame everything on others. I almost blurted out to her read a book…. and was gonna give mine. But I did not want make it worse for the flight attendant so I let it go. Eventually she moved to a new seat, and I never saw her again. Perhaps my energy field is like a planet and made her move.

I rarely meet someone who has a truly positive impact upon not just me, but others. 

And what a tragedy that is.


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