The Search For Awesome Underwear!

Hey guys I have the perfect boxer briefs for you, or a guy you admire! It’s the type of underwear that if a girl was wearing them it wouldn’t be a turn off, and I would ask her where she got it, or steal from her. I understand the struggle. I’m sure it’s much worse for women, but perhaps not. I went upon a journey of two years


I am personally quite peculiar about underwear because it has to be


2)Good for any situation(running, lovemaking, aerodynamic(breathable), etc, somewhat stylish)

4)Boxer Briefs

5) Wont squeeze the life out of my precious balls

6) Wont leave letters or any marks, or very unnoticeable. I don’t want Kalvin Klein’s letters on my body like I’m one of his hoes. In fact the brand I will recommend has a cooler name, is better, and cheaper.

7) Durable

To save you time fellas I got a good pair for you. I personally got all black with the waist  being different colors. Simplicity is best sometimes. What you want to look for is this key ingredients, and ladies listen up because this could be a great gift for your boy toy.

Look for two things—> 95% Cotton & 5% Elastane. Make sure they go bellow the butt cheeks because if not it feels like you’re wearing a g-string(unless you’re into that).

I like Hugo Boss because of the name  and they have amazing underwear. Makes you feel like a boss. You can walk around the house half naked, and if anyone wants to know why… well, it’s written on your crotch.

Dear Hugo Boss company/person if you see this. Feel free to pay me.

As always stay classy 😉 


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