The 1975 Concert, and Learning to Dance

I recently went to my first concert, and one thing I noticed is that for a good majority it was hard for them to express themselves. Especially if they were by themselves. In the end most were dancing in their own beautiful manner. The girl next to me was shy and by herself, so to make her feel more comfortable I talked and danced with her. At one point I accidentally touched some girls hand, and went with it by making her spin.

My friend then surprised me, and danced next to me. It was such a great atmosphere.

WAIT…  I also pissed off one of security guards. 

I had a camera, and they said it was not allowed so out of curiosity I asked why since people can take their phones, and some have amazing capabilities to capture a moment. I was polite, and she thought I was arguing with her by asking her a question. The rest of the people were nice.

It was such an amazing experience because it wasn’t just about music. It was pure art.

Anyways, you guys should check them out. Also there was an opening act by a band called The Pale Waves. Some describe her as The 1975 girl version of The lead singer Matty Heally. Check her band out guys. Adios 😉

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