A Poetic Ending

I am not a fan of most romantic movies. Most are overly exaggerated, with a typical story(they fall in love and all that jazz), there is little of emotional value in most of them, often unrealistic and teaches you absolutely nothing.

Nevertheless, there is one “romantic” movie which I liked and it was unusual in a sense that its about how a young man meets an older woman who ends up having an immense impact upon his life. He was a lost soul upon a journey who knew nothing and she would teach him things…Not just sex you corrupted soul 😉

 They can only meet between the hours of 5 and 7pm and she is married. Her husband is aware and wants her to be happy, and has a mistress of his own. It shows the viewer that this ain’t gonna be another cliche chick flick, and the characters are quite honest and vulnerabe. If you’re into 50 Shades of Grey sadly for you there’s really no steamy sex scenes where the guy ties her up, and has his way with her(sorry ladies).

I liked how the movie depicts how relationships should be…. Healthy even when they end.

It’s a little cheesy in some ways, but it’s not too shabby. It’s rather artistic

Yet most people settle, don’t go for what they want out of fear, and a bunch of other reasons which in the end…. are so small yet have potential to not only fuck up ones relationships with others but with themselves. The Russian actor Anton Yelchin  who plays the young man sadly passed away at an age of 27.

I liked the ending and couldn’t find one I liked online, so I made it myself. I had to convert a Spanish video into English which was a pain. Anyways you don’t care so just watch the ending you’ll see what I mean by when I say relationships should teach you us something. There’s gonna be a spoiler but just watch it it won’t ruin the movie I promise. Enjoy, and as always… Stay classy 😉

The video might get copyrighted so that’s gonna suck. If you have any suggestions on how to fix it let me know please… I’m gonna email those fuckers 🙂 Its free advertising the way I see it.

If the video doesn’t work here are two songs one relates to the movie while the other is an introspective girl rapping into your soul. Sorry don’t want to waste your time.


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