Hearts Greatest Love

I recently heard a quote which someone said. It made me stop, and just ponder for a few.

The premise, is that when you ask for something great you may get it, and you will experience the downside as well. And the downfall doesn’t necessarily have to be something bad that happens. Only momentary thing, yet it can still be felt.

If one chooses to open themselves up to the possibilities, yet most are closed so they won’t truly experience what its like to experience a beautiful moment which can come with a breakdown. 

When you put yourself out there you will experience the highs;as well as, the lows. And you cannot let that harden you.

There is no division, gap, or separation between your hearts greatest love, and your hearts greatest devastation.

Personally, I have had a lot of amazing experiences with women/people and this quote definitely rings true for me.

I hope it will for you someday.

 The video bellow suits this quote partially


WARNING… you might cry, and you have my permission.

 Supposedly, he sued her after this… I could be wrong.

Saturday Night Live snl andy samberg damn

I wish you all the best, stay classy 😉

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