A Change Of Heart/Meaning/Breakdwon

A Change Of Heart

is a song about the narrator coming to a realization

that he no longer sees the girl in the same light.

Her appeal has faded, now that he sees her true colors.

The music video can also be interpreted many ways(ex. black and white video is symbolic)

He plays the clown…… more symbolism there

Are we awake?

Am I too old to be this stoned?
Was it your breasts from the start? They played a part.

He smokes pot once in a while and has hit a point in his life

where he is pondering whether he is too old for that.

Perhaps he is trying to mature and believes

that is one of the steps he needs to take.

He then speculates that his attraction to the woman

was primarily physical rather than based upon an emotional connection.

Now that he can see past her physical attributes he is beginning to realize

she is just like any other pretty girl.

He is starting to ask himself what else does the woman have to offer besides

her looks.

For goodness sake
I wasn’t told you’d be this cold
Now it’s my time to depart and I just had a change of heart
Now that he is able to overlook her appearance

he can see her true colors.

The woman might be pretty, but she

lacks true beauty when it comes to her behavior and actions.

She is cold meaning distant and mean/unkind.

He is beginning to realize that he does not see her in the

same light as before.

Now that he is clear headed

he doesn’t see her the same way again(A Change Of Heart)

I’ll quote “On The Road” like a twat and wind my way out of the city
Finding a girl who is equally pretty won’t be hard
Oh, I just had a change of heart
The singer is an avid reader and mentions

the book titled, “On The Road”

He is taking an idea from a book and making it concrete

to his own lyrics.

(fun fact,the bands name came from a letter/note which they read in a book)

He knows that finding another pretty face wont be hard.

Finding someone he truly connects with however is another story.

He is trying to get away from his city, and find something better.

He has a change of heart not just about the girl, but the city as well.

You smashed a glass into pieces

video angry annoyed frustrated mirror

And that’s around the time I left
And when you were coming across as clever
Then you lit the wrong end of your cigarette

He shows an aggressive and horrid side of the girl when she smashes a mirror.

It is evident that the girl is immature when it comes to handling

emotional situations. She has lost control of her emotions.

The girl then tried to seem clever, and superior by lighting

a cigarette, but she just ended up looking naïve because she lit the wrong end.

He realized that she was just trying to put up a facade, and he

sees that she is not as clever, and intelligent as he initially thought her to be.

Her immaturity, lack of intellect, and try-hard behavior is taking away from her beauty.

He has a change of heart of the way he views her.

You said I’m full of diseases
Your eyes were full of regret

New Girl ali regret nasim pedrad regrets

And then you took a picture of your salad

epic meal time meat animated GIF

And put it on the internet

The girl attempted to afflict him verbally

and ends up regretting it. She most likely tried to bring up his past

and use it against him. It is evident that she is not trying to make amends,

and is too proud to admit her faults.

He then shows her inability to handle pressure and her avoidance of it,

by seeing her take a picture and then posting it on the internet.

He has a dislike for the misuse of the internet because

it disconnects people from truly getting to know someone.

(The band is not very social media active, and avoids it).

This incident demonstrates how social media

can be harmful to our relationships.

And she said, “I’ve been so worried ’bout you lately”
“You look shit and you smell a bit”
You’re mad thinking you could ever save me
Not looking like that

The girl seems concerned about him.

She sees his change of heart.

He is not taking a very good care of himself most likely

due to having a mental breakdown, and depression

while he is “On The Road”

He seems to mock her by implying that she cannot save him

because she does not have her emotional well being straight either.

He is talking about a concept that states, “we must first make ourselves happy before we can help anyone else.”

If someone has a lot of inner turmoil they cannot truly help someone else.

Essentially, only we can solve our inner demons.

You used to have a face straight out of a magazine
Now you just look like anyone
I just had a change of heart

A face straight out of magazine” is a reference to the bands

songs titled, “Robbers

and “She Way Out

Although she is attractive he has seen her

true personality which is not pretty due to her

being very cold, uncaring, and shallow.

She has very little to

offer besides her looks.

She is “good looking, but she is not a piece of art”

He is having a hard time seeing something

beautiful in her.

Her looks do not intimidate him

rather they help him realize that she

lacks the feminine edge of true beauty.

She is hot,but not beautiful.

I feel as though I was deceived
I never found love in the city
I just sat in self-pity and cried in the car

Oh I just had a change of heart

He feels deceived since the girl tried to put up an act

and he was unable to see it.

He references another song, “The City

We then see how this experience had impacted him

by the vulnerable expression of the lyrics.

He realized that he was involved in a very

unhealthy relationship, and it contributed

to his emotional breakdown.

He finds solitude in cars because often that is when people

think about their life, and cars are an expression of freedom.

He has a breakdown in his inability to find true love

thus far

in “The City

Then she said, “I’ve been so worried ’bout you lately
You were fit but you’re losing it.”
You played a part, this is how it starts
Oh I just had a change of heart


I just had a change of heart
I just had a change of heart
I just had a change of heart
Oh I just had a change of heart
I just had a change of heart
I just had a change of heart
I just had a change of heart
I just had a change of heart

He has a change of perspective.

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