Best Mother’s Day Card

To begin, my mother is quite conservative.

Some may call her old school

Not very empathetic, yet loving at the same time(what a contradiction)

If you get in trouble for cussing once in a while

with your mother, or you cannot discuss

certain topics with your mother which

is pretty much everyone…

well this might be the card for you… 🙂

This is what the card I gave to my mother said…

Mom you may think I’ve caused you a little stress

over the years, but actually 

I’ve helped you out a lot.

If you knew about everything I did 

you would be in an institution right now…

Happy Mother’s Day 

On the side of the card I wrote…

One free trip to Dairy Queen on the house(me).

I was going to put my sisters name on the card but that 

would be too savage/mean. 

You are welcome to copy this idea, and personalize it to your situation.

Tell your mother I said, “Hi” 

Hope she is doing well.

I hope you’re doing well. 

Scratch that….

I hope everyone is doing well


I wish you all the best.

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