Best Mother’s Day Card

To begin, my mother is quite conservative.

Some may call her old school. 

Not very empathetic, yet loving at the same time(what a contradiction)

If you get in trouble for cussing once in a while

with your mother, or you cannot discuss

certain topics with your mother which

is pretty much everyone…

well this might be the card for you… ūüôā

This is what the card I gave to my mother said…

Mom you may think I’ve caused you a little stress

over the years, but actually 

I’ve helped you out a lot.

If you knew about everything I did 

you would be in an institution right now…

Happy Mother’s Day¬†

On the side of the card I wrote…

One free trip to Dairy Queen on the house(me).

I was going to put my sisters name on the card but that 

would be too savage/mean. 

You are welcome to copy this idea, and personalize it to your situation.

Tell your mother I said, “Hi”¬†

Hope she is doing well.

I hope you’re doing well.¬†

Scratch that….

I hope everyone is doing well


I wish you all the best.

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