I’M A CREEP…(Sasha Daygame)

While at an entrepreneurship workshop in Mexico I was leaving to go to lunch, and  I saw a man named Sasha Daygame. If you do not know who he is he is a lifestyle and dating coach. I was not expecting to run into him. Unlike most pick up artists Sasha expands his horizons as well as his students, and has them see the bigger picture of life besides just banging a bunch of chicks.


I was a bit off that day being in Mexico by myself and just adjusting to the environment, and Sasha gracefully embraced me as I squeezed into the elevator. I ended up going to lunch with him, a millionaire, and other interesting people.

I definitely learned much more from traveling by myself compared to what I learned in high school, and college. There is many things they do not teach us at school such as personal finance, cultivating health, and managing relationships. My belief structures were definitely shattered/blown

when I decided to explore different mindsets, and possibilities.

After the entrepreneurship, investing , and freedom conferences I ended up going to Sasha’s Direct Dating Summit. At one point during the event some woman actually broke down in tears because she realized that she and her husband were not communicating well, and just sailed past one another.

For example, when you look at a piece of art you will likely have a different perspective/opinion upon it, and it translates to the way we communicate with each other. A word/concept could mean one thing to you, and completely something else to another person and we rarely realize this! She was a tough woman with a tough exterior, and one of the speakers helped her to break down her walls and allow her vulnerability to show up. My god I thought, that is a beautiful sight,seeing her being so open. It was an amazing experience seeing a husband and wife realizing how they were both at fault instead of playing the blame game.

Often people like to blame, yet there is power to accepting responsibility.

Somehow, one of the speakers and I ended up talking about anal sex. I was curious about it since it is a delicate subject matter, and he was quite open about his experience while his girlfriend and everyone around us laughed at my concern at how to do it properly. My primary concern was a fear of getting my Johnny(penis) stuck, and being unable to get it out. As well as how to do it properly, so both parties involved will have a great time 🙂

Everyone was supportive, it was simply funny to talk about. I’m sorry for such vulgar example. I’m just trying to be honest, and sincere, and sadly many people might think I’m the devil for exploring , and learning about sexuality. What a dreadful life some people must live thinking their sexuality defines who they are, and others. It is no wonder many women hide their sexual side from many people because they will often will be judged for it.


Sasha Daygame is in the process of expanding his summit to include all aspects of ones life such as health, business, and many other amazing subjects. In fact, he is trying to come up with a good name for his new brand, so if you have any suggestion let me/him know(Thus far I cam up with Ultimate Man Conference, Lifestyle Design, and Casanova Conference). What I liked about this conference is that it focused on creating conscious relationships that serve you rather than stumbling upon one. Often people settle for a mediocre life they hate, and a mediocre relationship and think, “well I guess that is good enough.” I encourage everyone to constantly ask themselves what they want. Not make excuses simply discover what you want, and try your best to make it happen.

I liked that this event had many great speakers, and one of them even did a talk on financial tips/advice which was mind blowing. That speaker worked a corporate job, and then realized that he hated his life, and decided to create a lifestyle he desired. When I talked to him he told me about his recent trip from Brazil and it got me thinking about what I want to do.

My god… I thought I have been following societies rules without ever really asking myself, “What do I want.” I have come to realize following the rules will not make us happy

Of course, I have a lot of fear and uncertainty while I’m exploring what is possible instead of accepting some rigid belief systems.

As Bruce Lee ones said, “Be water my friend.”


Anyways, check out Sasha Daygame and his stuff

(bellow is some his videos).


And stay classy 🙂


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