Challenge Your Beliefs

I initially was going to write about an event I attended in Mexico, but ended up going off tangent about challenging our beliefs, and trying to demonstrate why it is important.

Sometimes we have to take radical actions and ask ourselves what we want and what else we are.

Recently I went to Acapulco, Mexico just to surround myself with smarter people and learn from them. Acapulco is supposed to be one of the most dangerous places to visit due to drug wars;in fact, after I left some police stations got attacked.

Most do not ask the real reason why the police stations were attacked

or look further into it.(I will skip explaining why for now.)

My parents told me I should not go, yet I realized that if I did not push my limits then I would remain naive, and I would need to see the world for myself instead of accepting someone else’s set of beliefs.

College is expands horizons, but travel shatters them.

Reaction GIF: mind blown, Thomas Lennon

I am not interested in the mundane, and living a sheltered life.

What I realized when I got to Acapulco is that it wasn’t that dangerous. Sure it was corrupt but it made me realize that the news does not always get the whole story, and it most cases does not bring much factual value.

One time when I got pulled over by a police officer in USA my ticket was around $1000 which is insane!!! I am not dangerous…. I  just accidentally went over the speed limit for two seconds. I rode my motorcycle for a long time at that period of my life, and riding a car for the first time in months was strange to me. I was very polite, to satisfy thy curiosity. I take full responsibility.  Anyways, I decided to fight the ticket and won(thank God because if I did not I would have to pay the ticket. Come prepared). If I got pulled over in Russia or Mexico it would have not only been cheaper, I could have just paid the police officer off, or bought him a beer.

So, Mexico is better in that regard.  

I realize some will say it is the law so the speeding ticket cost is not absurd. What if I said it was a victim less crime?  No victim, therefore, no crime. It was my first time getting pulled over too. If you still think I’m dangerous and naive, fine. Allow me to demonstrate to you a different perspective…realize that just because something is the law does not necessarily mean it is just, or moral. Not long ago it used to be the law that black folks could not use the same water fountain as white folks. I simply, ask everyone to challenge their beliefs instead of blindly accepting them.

Majority of the news primarily pisses people off and makes many bitter.

The people of Mexico were definitely much friendlier compared to the majority of my American counterparts(I could definitely could have been mistaken for a Mexican especially since I tried to blend in at first, and spoke some Spanish to see what their culture was like, and I even explored a dangerous part of town with a friend.).

Just like Russia(where I grew up) Mexico can be dodgy, but it is not as bad as the news makes it seem.

Somehow my other friend and I ran into a Mexican drug lord who tried to sell us weed.

I would have tried it in a presence of people I can trust, and only a small amount, but I did not because I am in the military at the moment(drug tests, etc).

I asked about why he was involved with drugs, and he told me his life story.

He primarily did it to support his family, and had been in and out of prison.

He had made two million dollars when I met him.

It was not my first time meeting someone like that.

He really was not a bad person.

At the same time I realized that being involved with drug trafficking could have caused some to attempt something they might not necessarily done if they weren’t so desperate.

The war on drugs is the Prohibition Era of our time.

I used to be against drugs and thought they should be banned, but from my observation, making it illegal just seems to cause more trouble.

Of course making drugs legal will not solve all the problems

but it certainly  will mitigate the crime.

I then simply asked myself, “why do I feel the need to control what others do?”

I do not want to control others.

I do not want to convince anyone, just to get you to think about things.

When I came to the States I started hearing and experiencing a lot of hateful things that were said about Russians. Majority of them were quite prejudice, and had negative views on Russia. A teacher even once said some very harsh and harmful things to me about me being from Russia, and she purposely tried to afflict me verbally. I’m not gonna lie, it hurt. Nevertheless, “holding a grudge is like drinking poison hoping it will kill the other person”. I tried to see and understand why she thought like that, and it brought peace and understanding to me; as well as, closure.  She was bitter, hateful, and naive about the culture. I wish her all the best anyways. It was sad because when I lived in Russia I can’t even recall one time where someone was prejudice, or hateful towards USA. I’m sure there are some.

Many simply did not try to find out for themselves.

I am not butt hurt. Well maybe a little….

crying emma stone easy a redhead emma stone gif

let’s continue on….

For the most part the news over dramatize everything and create an agenda. I had a professor once who was on the news, and he showed us how the local news outlet cutout part of his interview to create their own agenda.

It was tragic, and made me realize that I need to be more skeptical and always find out for myself.

Often we accept the ideals and cultural norms without asking ourselves does it serf us, or is it used to hinder us/control us?

Anyways, just something for you to ponder on.

Perhaps, in the future my stance will change.

After all, it is dangerous to have rigid views since they can hinder us.

Stay Classy 🙂

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