Hanging by a thread

I felt powerless looking into this woman’s eyes

and saying, “I’m sorry I hope he gets well.”

Such generic words I thought.

Truth is I did not know what to say.

I did not want to add more pain by bringing more attention to her suffering.

It made me think of the quote “suffering is resistance to pain”

Perhaps I should have gave her a hug.

I do not know.

It started when I noticed her walking next to me

I sensed a sad energy about her.

I simply asked, “are you okey?”

She proceeded to tell me about her husband and how he was diagnosed with leukemia

F*ck I thought that is a harsh reality to live in

She was hanging by a thread.

Falling apart and changing shape.

Barely keeping her head above water.

And at the same time she was strong.

She was brilliant and beautiful.

I hope her husband lives.

For if he

does everything in his life

will then have special significance

to him.

I liked that she was able to share her concerns with me

I did not know what to say.

What could I say and do?

I wished she could be free from the pain.

I wished her husband was free.

But I kept it to myself.

The truth is I have never been very good at consoling people

After all it is a delicate subject.


“At least I showed up” I thought.


tried my best.

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