The Beauty of Rock Bottom(Guest Post)

I often see people who allow life to beat them down.

I understand that it can be difficult, and a treacherous experience for all.

I remember being an orphan who was bullied and felt insecure, and having to struggle

with it all.

Sometimes we can feel like life is beating us to a bloody pulp

And we can choose to do something about it

I always find reading/listening others stories interesting and inspiring. When they decided to take their life into their own hands, and do whatever it takes to change it. Those people just go out there and make it happen.

They realize they need to make a change, and end up going on their hero’s journey.

They simply realize that they are not where they desire to be, and simply decide to make small incremental changes. 

Recently there was a man who wrote about his experience, and I decided to contact him and ask for his permission to share his blog post.

Hope it helps someone, and if does share his post with others.

Enjoy, and stay classy.

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