The Cashflow Quadrant Book

This book is the second part of, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and should be recommended reading in school.

Here is the link for the other book(first book) as a refresher.

As I am learning more about the financial world my interest is expanding. It’s amazing how much we can learn from a successful person.

Some despise the rich and think many are evil which is understandable, but many are good people. Many of them are very genuine, and sometimes we even walk by millionaires but do not realize it because they are not flashy.

The one quote that has always stood out to me is, “you cannot become what you hate.” So if you want to become successful then you cannot hate those who are. You must allow them to inspire you and learn from them otherwise you will just be a bitter ball of negative energy.

Another key point. When I decided to learn about money I was unsure and uncertain but as I am learning more and more from people, and books all I see now is opportunities. Of course it won’t be easy.

Just remember if you do not master money then it will master you.

I’m not really interested in money. I am interested in freedom. Recently I learned from a view successful people that you must start with the why that is bigger than the money. Money is worthless we just give it meaning(the dollar has lost it’s value by more than 90% since the back down from the gold standard). For example mine is to have freedom to do what I want and be able to help orphans where I am from originally.


The book is essentially about how Robert’s rich dad looked at the world, and what made him successful. It is also Robert’s perspectives upon being broke and going through the trials and tribulations of his own success and failure.

Bellow are some of my favorite passages from the book.

Enjoy, and stay classy 🙂

  • For years he lived modestly. Instead of working hard to pay bills, he worked hard to acquire assets. If you saw him on the street , he looked like everyone else . He drove a pickup truck , not an expensive car. Then one day, when he was in his late 30’s he emerged as a financial powerhouse.

  • “When the fear of losing money and failing becomes too painful inside, a fear we both have, he chooses to seek security, and I choose to seek freedom.”

  • People who take risks change the world.

  • My rich dad used to say to his son and me, “the only difference between a rich person and a poor person is what they do in their spare time.”

  • My rich dad told his son and me that he had lost a company when he was in his 20’s “That was the best and worst experience of my life.”

  • You cannot have success without failure. So unsuccessful people are people who never fail.”

  • I had made millions and lost millions and was starting all over again when I met Kim. The reason I know she did not marry me for my money is because I did not have any money.

  • When people say to me investing is risky, I simply say, “Investing is not risky. Being uneducated is risky.”

  • Rich dad firmly believed that most people struggled financially because they operated on financial information handed down from parent to child… and most people do not come from financially sound families.

  • Many a man has been suckered because he did not know the fact. Millions upon millions of people have made life decisions based upon opinions handed down from generation to generation… and they wonder why they struggle financially. Rich dad began listing a few.

  1. You should marry him. Hell make a good husband

  2. Find a secure job and stay there all your life

  3. Doctors make a lot of money.

  4. They have a big house they must be rich.

  5. He has big muscles he must be healthy

  6. The Earth is flat

  7. People who make mistakes are stupid.

  8. She’ll never go out with me.

  9. I didn’t go to college so I’ll never get ahead.

  • Most people cannot think logically about money. If you don’t think money is emotional just watch the stock market… what determines what we do is how we individually respond to those emotions.

  • Rich dad always said, “ to be successful as an investor or a business owner, you have to be emotionally neutral to winning and losing.”

  • People who are afraid of losing do the same things in real life. We all know of…

  1. People who stay in marriages when there is no longer any love.

  2. People who hang on to old clothes and “stuff” they will never use.

  3. People who stay in towns where they have no future.

  4. People who stay with friends who hold them back

  • One of the keys to a successful and happy life is to be flexible enough to respond appropriately to whatever change comes your way– to be able to respond and make a good thing out of anything.

  • People often want to blame the rich for their personal financial problems, rather than realize it is often their own lack of information about money that is fundamental reason for their plight.

  • When people are lame they love to blame.

  • Rich dad would often say, “The reason there are few self-made rich people is because few people can tolerate disappointment. Instead of learning to face disappointment, they spend their lives avoiding it.”

  • Our guidance counselor said to us, “ The two of you will never amount to anything… While what she said was true in many ways and her words hurt us deeply, her words also inspired both of us.

  • I have found that people who are hard on themselves mentally and emotionally are often too cautious when taking risks, or adopting new ideas, or attempting something new.

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