Impact of a Smile

I don’t think people realize the power that a smile and eye contact has on people

I remember reading a story about how a man wrote a suicide note. On the note he wrote down that he will jump off the bridge  unless one person looks at him and smiles.

In the end,  No one looked up and smiled at him and he committed suicide. 

Some will say well no one owes him anything and perhaps they are right. Now let me ask you this question what does it say about our society where people rarely acknowledge each other and are sincere? Some people may say suicide is selfish yet I do not see it like that it’s very natural and easy to place judgments in order to better understand something but we often do not realize that it can be more complex than just killing oneself.

We like to put things in a little tidy box in order to better comprehend something, but emotions are complex. And we cannot say anything for sure.

However, I am quite certain that a smile can change a life

I rarely see someone being genuinely warm towards anyone. We are not nice we are simply being polite while being concerned of offending someone by accident, saying or doing the wrong thing. I don’t thing technology is the problem necessarily it has to do with culture. I noticed that when I traveled to other countries such as Mexico people are quite friendly and helpful and they often smile at you. Every morning as I was inside an elevator people would say morning and ask me how I was. I learned a few phrases easily in their language simply because they actually wanted to connect with me.  I rarely experience that in the United States. People just look down, avoid all eye contact, and very few smile. 

Many are afraid of having an awkward moment and allow that to stop them from making someones day.

I see so much sadness and agony. I’m surprised it hasn’t somehow managed to drag me down. Every time I come back do United States I often feel this dark cloud of a sad, negative energy coming from people. I felt it in other countries but it wasn’t as extreme. 

Having someone look at you and with smile that says it’s gonna be ok can change a life.

I try to purposely look people in the eyes and try to make them feel significant because many people do not feel that today. That is tragic.

I was at a conference once where an independent journalist told his story of how he was going to commit suicide. Then at one moment a stranger looked at him and impacted him emotionally.

That stranger saved his life with a simple smile and changed the course of his life!

His story is bellow in the video.



Stay Classy.

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