I’m Dangerous(Vlog)

As I tried to turn my wheel I realized my power steering was shot;nevertheless, I refilled the power steering fluid and kept on driving home which did not fix the problem. Eventually my truck completely ran out of battery, ignition would not start, engine belt came off, and I could barely move the vehicle. The light indicators did not show there was anything wrong which was unusual. The car completely broke down so I ate some chocolate while staying relaxed. I trusted myself to get out of this poor position I was in. Although it was a bad experience I actually enjoyed it because it was something new and I got to engage with the police, and make fun of the situation. I have mixed feeling about the police but they were very helpful and courteous to me so that was cool. I can only control my thought. There is no point to make a big deal about a poor situation. Rather than focusing on the problem simply focus upon a solution. Why worry if you can only control your thoughts and actions?   Enjoy the video, and as always have a great day, and stay classy 🙂

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