Go All The Way

I never thought one of my favorite sources of inspiration would come from a poem. I always though poems were made about romance, and it was naive of me to think that.

I actually went through a phase of reading, and writing poems when I was younger. Anyways check out this poem named “Role The Dice” which means to take a chance, to take a risk. After all, those who do not take a risk do not drink the champagne.

Hope this poem will kick your butt into taking action. 

“Roll The Dice”

If you’re going to try, go all the
Otherwise, don’t even start.

If you’re going to try, go all the
This could mean losing girlfriends,
wives, relatives, jobs and
maybe your mind.

Go all the way.
It could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days.
It could mean freezing on a
park bench.
It could mean jail,
it could mean derision,
Isolation is the gift,
All the others are a test of your
endurance, of
how much you really want to
do it.
And you’ll do it
despite rejection and the worst odds
and it will be better than
anything else
you can imagine.

If you’re going to try,
go all the way.
there is no other feeling like
You will be alone with the gods
and the nights will flame with

do it, do it, do it.
do it.

all the way
all the way.

You will ride life straight to
perfect laughter, its
the only good fight
there is.

Charles Bukowski


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