Your Lipstick. My Curiosity.


I felt completely lost in your city. I barely knew where I was or where I was going. And I loved it. Why follow the tourist track then you can explore the heart of a country, and see the little gems of life.

I saw some older lady do a split, it was amazing. I smiled at every person and tried to make them feel noticed and appreciated because in your culture people are nice but they are so shy to do it. I always found it fun exploring by myself. I never felt lonely.

Solitude is a gift because I got time to reflect upon and push my comfort zone.

I only stayed in your city for a few days, and the time spent with you was a memory I will cherish

Being completely at the whim of the moment. Having no plan just being spontaneous.

I remember exploring.

And then I saw you.

My god, I thought she looks amazing. I could tell you were in a hurry. I felt a bit nervous but I always redefine what I feel in a positive manner. I said to myself I feel excited to meet you.

At first you were a bit cold and I burned. And within a split second you became friendlier to me.

I was pleasantly surprised. You decided to cancel your plans and come with me.

I asked you to meet me later. And you asked me if you could bring your friends.

I simply replied, “No”

I only had a few days in your city and wanted no distractions.

You were funny. Especially trying to get me drunk in the middle of the day.

I never needed alcohol to feel at ease.

My hand naturally brushed against your wonderful butt while we walked. I think you purposely aligned yourself for that… I could be wrong.

I loved that you were older than me.

I always liked older women because they know when a guy is being sincere

They can delight and appreciate a moment much better than their younger counterparts.

It was a lovely moment with me holding the umbrella(for shade), and then I asked you have you ever been kissed in the rain? I found it tragic that you never had and told you we will make it happen if it rains when we meet. You must have though I was crazy.

Never imply you will kiss a woman. I did because I did not care whether it would ruin my chances or not.

You flaked on me initially and then changed your mind.

How did I convince you? What changed your mind?

I was 30min late to meet you, and I was surprised you waited for me. It was difficult to find the location when I did not speak the language in a city of 10million people.

You were shy, friendly, and open all at once. Google translate was an awesome wing man.

I found it ironic I was showing you your city and leading us.

What I liked about you is your spontaneous spirit.

I wish I could write in a more romantic manner but it’s not my forte.

I had no plan, no expectations. I was just rolling with the moment.

I found it brave of you when you leaned in to kiss me but I did not.

I’m sorry, I did not.

I just always enjoyed the tension too much. It’s one of my dating faults.

Did you feel rejected? If so, I am sorry. It was not my intention to hurt you.

I always liked to build up the pressure slowly to the point where the girl cannot stand it anymore, and as a result sometimes I never see the girl again. 

I loved kissing you slowly on the neck, ears, your delicate forehead.

And then it happened.

We french kissed. I knew that if I did not take it all the way with you I would never see you again because you will feel pressured to have sex with me the next time we met.

I found it amusing as you tried to get an orgasm from rubbing your groin against my boner.

It was nice.

I was going to take you inside the church

bend you over, and make love to you.

I decided not to.

Throughout our interaction I sensed you had a boyfriend.

My suspicion was later proven right.

Please do not feel bad. Many women cheat.

I can tell you have a good heart

That’s all that matters to me(primarily)

Why did you decide to meet me?

My only intention was to create an amazing moment. My intentions are always good.

Was he controlling, unsupportive? Perhaps he took you for granted. Most people take their significant other for granted or they cannot listen to them. Listening is the hardest thing.

I decided not to have my way with you. I wanted to give you a chance to think about it, and if you met with me again then I would have made you feel appreciated. I only wanted to make you feel beautiful. Many beautiful women feel rejected and ugly because guys are too scared to get to know them or they don’t care about them.

They simply never tried to see what it’s like to be them.


That is what it is all about.

At one moment

To make matters worse I laughed and you asked me why I laughed.

To show you, I put your hand on my boner as you blushed.

It was my compliment to you.

Thank you for walking me to the subway. You gave me one of the most amazing hugs. Your lipstick was evident on my cheeks and lips.

The lipstick on your lips was beautifully worn out.

I saw the vulnerable you.

The real you. Thank you.

You gave me so much of yourself.

I loved the way you smiled at me as we parted ways.

You were wonderful. I hope I had a positive impact on you.

As I look at the picture of us I have no regrets.

I hope you are doing well 🙂

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