Strange Motivation/How To Deal With Rejection/Flakes

A few months ago a girl flaked on me recently.  I was going to delete her voicemail and others but came up with a strange idea for a video. That girl was awesome so no mean comments about her. Enjoy the video and read the rest after.

Hey you, listen we all get rejected. But here is something for you to ponder upon.

You are never really rejected….

I know, I know, you must be thinking WHAT? You crazy

Here is the thing you cannot be rejected if you had no expectations to begin with. So get rid of all your expectations. Be present without worrying about the outcome. If you are not looking to take anything from people but to give value to them then you cannot be rejected.. If you are not trying to take anything how is that rejection? If you are coming from a good place of within offering value to others without expectations you cannot be rejected. It’s like trying to help someone and they tell you to fuck off.  

Many elite entrepreneurs have forged themselves to be fine with any outcome. The plan always changes, mistakes are made. They have no expectations because anything can happen and they use it as a learning tool. They are flexible, and they improvise. 

Don’t think of feedback as rejection. Think of it as character building, and learning experiences. You would be amazed at how many times the successful have been rejected before they accomplished anything. In the book, “Once a runner” they call it the trial of the miles. Very few people can get past the trial period of agony, and suffering;in fact, most people do not even start. Simply, starting is the hardest thing.

You will get hurt, you will get burned, you will get you ego hurt, you will be destroyed, and you will trip and fall. And that is good. You will grow. That is beautiful. While others are letting their emotions and reactions control them I want you to allow yourself to learn from experience, and see it from an objective viewpoint. The experience will humble you and make you more versatile, and nonreactive. I’m not telling you to numb yourself to pain. I’m telling you to feel it and let go of it. Cry if you must 🙂

Lets say in one scenario you come up to a girl/guy and try to ask them out but you get shut down were you rejected? Not really. They don’t really know you. Most people barely know the people they have been with for years!!!

Rejection has nothing to do with you. You are dealing with people and their paradigms, and their life. Sometimes when I get rejected by whoever I realize it has nothing to do with me especially if I just simply gave them a compliment without any expectations and they react badly(rarely happens). I know I’m a good person. If someone gave me a compliment why the hell would I react badly? Ask yourself what type of a person reacts badly? I’ll give you a clue….


I sometimes purposely experiment with messing  up. 

For example I am going through a trial period where I do not attempt to kiss any girls at all. Do you know why I’m doing that? Because when I really like someone and I do not make a move chances are I most likely won’t see them again, and I will use that lack of action to motivate myself to never make that mistake again. It doesn’t matter in the future if I go for the kiss and get “rejected” because I will always remember the times when the girl wanted to be kissed and I did not take it. I will remember being the asshole who did not make a move. Most girls think there is something wrong with them if the guy did not make a move. They wont see him again(sometimes they do) as a result even if she liked him she most likely wont try to see him again because subconsciously she was “rejected” And for women rejection is HUGE. They are brought up to think their value is based upon their sexuality, so when someone reacts like they can take it or leave it then it can be detrimental to the woman, and she may not realize this! So I’m going through this trial period to make sure I will never be that asshole by purposely messing up.

No one can make you happy, it must come from within.

Hope you enjoyed my video. Stay Classy 🙂

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