The 1975/Nana/Meaning/Breakdown

I wish you’d walk in again
Imagine if you just did
I’d fill you in on the things you missed
Oh sleepless nights, a grown up man dressed in white
Who I thought might just save your life
But he couldn’t, so you died

He wishes his Nana would be there with him so he could tell her about everything that has happened since she has died. He thought the doctor would be able to save her but he could not.

I don’t like it, now you’re dead
It’s not the same when I scratch my own head
I haven’t got the nails for it
And I know that God doesn’t exist
And all of the palaver surrounding it
But I like to think you hear me sometimes

It is hard for him to deal with her death. She provided him with comfort and guidance when he was younger. The line, “I haven’t got the nails for it” could mean that he doesn’t have it within him to deal with his emotions properly without her help(in his personal life he has dealt with a lot of emotional ups and downs due to his mothers depression, etc). He has come out that he has suffered with drug addiction in the past perhaps because he doesn’t have the nails for it to deal with so much going on in his life. He doesn’t believe in God and believes it causes more harm than good. At the same time he likes the idea of the afterlife and likes to think that she can hear him sometimes.

So I reached for a borrowed fleece
From my dad or from Denise
Always, trying to keep warm, when you’re the sun

He feels cold from her passing. Perhaps she kept him warm with her support and encouragement and now that she is gone he does not have that in his life. He mentions his mother by her name which is quite interesting. It looks like the grandmother was from his mother’s side. His mother went through depression and he might have had a bad relationship with his mother as a result. The last line implies that his grandmother was literally cold even though to him she was the warmest(nicest) person.

I sat with you beside your bed and cried
For things that I wish I’d said
You still had your nails red
And if I live past seventy-two, I hope I’m half as cool as you

He cried over her deathbed because she died and he did not get to say all the things he wanted to.

Her nails were painted red when she died which is not seen often, especially when a person has died.

This shows that his grandmother was a bit different(in a good way). He hopes to be as cool as his grandmother when he is her age. He is also 27 when this song came out. 27 is 72 backwards(mindblown).

I got my pen and thought that I’d write
A melody and line for you tonight
I think that’s how I make things feel alright

He got out his pen and started writing about and for her. Writing allows him to put his emotions on the paper and it makes it easier for him to cope with his loss.

Made in my room, this simple tune
Will always keep me close to you
The crowds will sing their voices ring
And it’s like you never left

Afterwards he made the song out of those written words.

When the fans sing this song with him it will seem like she never left him.

But I’m bereft you see
I think you can tell
I haven’t been doing too well

Although he shows a strong front and typically copes well with his emotions he is struggling and has not been doing well. She could see his uncertainty and fear showing before she passed. This was very hard on him. The singer is also 27 years old and this typically is a very tough time period for many famous people(27 club). I think he will make it through it though which is very good.

2 thoughts on “The 1975/Nana/Meaning/Breakdown

  1. i think what he means by the lyrics “I know that God doesn’t exist” notice how he said THAT God probably means that God can’t bring back his love


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