I Hate Sleep, and Random Thoughts

I dislike sleep

I wish I could be like wolverine(superhero) and live forever

so I could do everything

Being a vampire would suck


all they do is suck blood and bang chicks, and then they end up killing them.

That is not love

Most vampires from what I’ve seen despise their existence or they do not enjoy it.

You know, what if the human lifespan was 2000 years?

Strange to think about.

I just drank three energy drinks

I rarely drink energy drinks

It’s all about that H20

Jesus I feel like a can run for 200miles

hold on I’m gonna do some push-ups

That was amazing

I refuse to have chicken legs

we must have legs that go with the arms

I hate gyms

It’s all about the body exercises

Yeah, I cant bench much

I don’t have anything to compensate for

nevertheless, I’m a grower not a shower

I’m sure plenty of gym people are cool

I’m not the one to decide that

I like people

Alright, I better go to bed it is late.

Man I hate sleep

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