The 1975/The 1975 song meaning/Breakdown

The 1975 is the same song lyrically compared to the first album and there is only a slight change to the sound. It is evident that this song and the memory is meaningful to the artist.

Go down
Soft sound
Car lights

This is about  oral sex. The character has told her to go down on him. They are in a car around midnight. It gives off a romantic, teenage romance type of scene unless you have negative views on sex.

Playing with the air
Breathing in your hair
Since they are in a car he could have one of his hands out of the car, feeling the air breeze on his skin. At the same time he is breathing in her hair due to the position they are in.

Go down
Soft sound
Step into your skin? I’d rather jump in your bones
Taking up your mouth, so you breathe through your nose.

The last lines can be interpreted a couple of ways.

Rather than try to get to know the girl he would rather have sex with her. He may not want to be in a committed relationship at this moment.

However……. this lyrics could also mean the apposite.

When he says I’d rather jump in your bones could also mean he wants to get to know her better. He is actually interested in getting to know her deeper than just the surface level. Sex would just enhance that connection for him. 

He could also mean that he is sexually interested in her, and wants to connect with her because sex is much better when you are actually interested in getting to know someone on an intimate level.

Sex is more enjoyable when you connect with someone.


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