The 1975/Love Me/Meaning/Breakdown

Love me is a song pocking fun at superficial and narcissistic habits.

It is also similar to David Bowie’s song fame.

Sound wise this song is much different compared to the bands

other songs.(the video has a lot of meanings. If you look closely at the singers body you will see he has tattoos of himself all over) 

And hey! Would you
Like to look
Outside sometimes? (No)
I’m just with my
Friends online
And there’s things we’d like to change
Next thing you’ll find you’re
Reading ’bout yourself
On a plane, fame, what a shame
Oh, well, just keep looking, looking, looking, looking

The character is asking them if they would like to look outside their own little world.

He then implies that the person has very little interest outside of themselves.

People are so attached to their phones that they rarely look up.

The 1975 is known to dislike narcissistic use of social networks.

The next few lines imply that those who rise to fame start reading things about themselves in magazines and that it can get in their head; as a result, those people can lose touch with the people who made them famous. They become detached.

The band could also be poking fun at themselves so they do not fall into that trap.

And love me (Yeah)
If that’s what you wanna do (Oh, yeah)
And love me (Yeah)
If that’s what you wanna do (Oh, yeah)

This is the chorus. It is about narcissism. At the same time it implies you can love them if you want and they leave it to the listener.

You’ve been reading ’bout yourself
On a plane, fame for a change
Caught up in fashion
Karcrashian panache
A bag of bash for passion

At this point the singer mocks the Kardashian family and implies that they are perhaps more concerned about fashion than anything else. Then the singer has a wordplay with the name Kardashian and changes it to Karcrashian which implies that tv show is of low quality and substance. He is relating the name to a train wreck or a crash in general creating an unpleasant scene. A bag of bash could represent weed and how it brings passion. Perhaps implying that famous people may have false passion, or they may use weed to get away from all the narcissism.
You’ve got a beautiful face but got nothing to say (Oh!)
You look famous, let’s be friends
And portray we possess something important
And do the things we like

He finds the girl attractive but she has nothing interesting about her. She only has looks and nothing else. She has little substance to her and he can see through her unlike most. He is not intimidated by her looks. He just gave her a backhanded compliment, and not out of malice just to make her aware.

He then makes his sarcasm known by stating, “portray we possess something important.” It is obvious to him that the person is insecure, and tries to make themselves look more important than they are.

We’ve just come to represent
A decline in the standards are what we accept
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, no

The character then turn to the band and challenges the band with the same tone he used to mock other famous people. He asks if the band is to accept the decline of standards and replies with a resounding NO

And love me (Yeah, oh)
If that’s what you wanna do (Oh, yeah)
And love me (Love me, yeah)
If that’s what you wanna do (Oh, yeah)

The chorus repeats

Oh, so sack off your calendar
Give it to the people
Be the man that
Gets ’em up on their feet
Say “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh”

Love me (Yeah, oh)
And love me (Yeah)
If that’s what you wanna do (Oh)

The artist then challenges famous people to raise their standards. To let go of agendas and what they do and become a good example for the younger generation. He is telling them to genuinely connect with the people, and tells them they can do better.

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