Dear Future Me

Dear future me

I am uncertain,

I am uncertain about everything……….. However, I am certain about one thing.

I can only control my actions, and my mindset. I am only certain about what I want.

I ask myself what do I want? I ask that often of myself.

How often does anyone pause for a moment and ask that of themselves? We rarely do it. We follow the rules and the status quo. We allow others to tell us how we should live our life. We follow because we are afraid to lead ourselves. It is hard.

At one moment I came to a realization that I have allowed fear to stop me in some form, and in every aspect of my life, and ever since then I started to face it. Little by little I faced the uncertainty. It has created chaos and it also has unlocked something within me. It has given me the ability to take action even when I am afraid.

I have noticed that when people think for themselves and try to create their own path it challenges everyone around them, and it makes others uncomfortable; as a result, those people attempt to control you. We often try to categorize and control what we cannot understand especially when it challenges our beliefs. I don’t think many realize how often others try to control them.

My beliefs have been challenged for the past few months. The things I have learned and uncovered are definitely challenging. It challenges all of my paradigms. The average person would definitely have a hard time dealing with it because they would have to face all of their insecurities, and fears.

It has been challenging and quite emotional to deal with.

What I want in my life is something that most never achieve because fear stops them. It cripples them. Even just thinking about achieving what I want will stop most from simply starting. It will stop most because they will have to embrace their fears. They will have to stop making excuses and realize that it is up to them. I am afraid.


I know what I want.

And I am simply moving towards it.

When I was younger fear often would stop me from taking any chances. I would imagine the worst case scenario. I used to battle and force myself to face my fear which worked sometimes. Then one moment I just decided to simply start acknowledging my fear and then taking action.

Future me, I wrote this to you because we will always have something that will attempt to stop us. Just acknowledge your fears and move towards them.

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