Sensual Women

It seems to be a prevalent notion today that women do not like sex. That notion is not only flawed it is also quite false. Many women enjoy and like sex much more compared to men. The clitoris only purpose is for pleasure and that should tell you something. Sadly many women have to learn to hide their sexual side because our society shames them for simply expressing their sexuality, even when they may not sleep with many men. Perhaps that shame comes from men’s ego and insecurity. Many women also must hide it from other women as well which is quite sad. Why should a woman’s sexuality be associated with her character? When a man sleeps with many women he is deemed to be a player or a Casanova, yet women are shamed. There have been countless examples where women were cautious to talk about sex with me simply because they thought I would judge them, and even when they thought I was open minded they were still cautious.


One day on Valentines Day I met up with a very smart and sexy girl and we had a lot of fun without spending any money, although I did ask her to bring me some chocolate which she did. If a girl brings me chocolate(preferably dark chocolate) she is a keeper 😉 At one point I was looking through her phone and I saw one of her search histories which related to my ethnicity and how we celebrate Valentines Day. I found it amusing and cute; as a result, I made cheeky fun of her. But she would not allow me look at her phone and deleted her search history after that. Eventually she let me have her phone and I figured out a way to see her search history. I saw what she was trying to hide from me. Her recent history showed that she was watching porn. I simply showed it to her and smirked. Her face showed embarrassment, shock, and complete denial 🙂 She tried to deny it but she could tell I could see right through her. I simply told her it’s OK I don’t judge. I think that’s awesome. I truly meant it and tried to put her at ease, after all her biggest fear was my judgement of her. She told me that, “she thought I would not judge her but she was nevertheless afraid to tell me because she was uncertain, since many others would have judged her harshly. Eventually I found out that she did not feel comfortable discussing that topic with her friends or even her sister! What a tragedy that is. She eventually told me that she liked having her hair pulled and chocked and we had a fun conversation about the topic of sex. I loved how vulnerable she was with me that it broke my heart. It was such a beautiful moment how she was able to express herself to me. It was nice (I had her permission to write about her, but I will not include any info about her since that is between us).

Another time I was talking to a woman who was beautiful in and out, and I noticed that she had a lot of pain and sadness in her and how difficult it was for her to open up to me. She was also showing me pictures on her phone and I saw a picture of her naked, and she was embarrassed but we had fun, and it was awesome 🙂

My primary desires when it comes to women and people are simple. I encourage them to drop their walls around me, and allow them to be vulnerable and sincere with me because many people do not have that even in serious long term relationships. Nevertheless, many are not used to being vulnerable. It is the hardest thing to do. Many try to hide and put up a facade and just sail past one another. That is sad. Lets start being awesome and giving everyone an opportunity to express their true selves.

I was at a conference once where I met so many amazing people who were so open, and sincere that I realized that I never felt so free and comfortable around others. It is hard for me to be vulnerable and those people had a huge impact upon me, and I’m very thankful for that experience. It was such a profound experience for me that when I came back home I had a minor depression being around many normal folks.

So go out there, get your ego shattered, your heart broken, and make a positive impact upon others. Just remember,  “don’t let a broken heart change who you are.” and when you are having a hard time look for the light 😉

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