We Are Slaves

Are we slaves? This subject I will briefly skim over, and it might get off topic. In addition, it might be hard to believe;therefore, I recommend you research it yourself. As one Buddhist saying goes,

Don’t believe everything I say, find out for yourself.” Anyways my subject is that we are practically all slaves. I know that sound absurd and crazy;in-fact, I would have thought the same a year ago.

We are a society that rarely questions anything today. Why? Well because it is hard. It is far easier to entertain oneself with short articles, gossip magazines, games, and cool tv-shows. Harriet Tubman who freed many slaves made the following remark in her life, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” We are the modern day slaves and do not realize it because it is not obvious, and few rarely talk about it. Trust me the primary news outlets are not news, and full of overblown hype and deceit. There is a Russian saying that states, “There is no truth in the news, and there is no news in the truth(something like it)” If you think the rich are the problem well you might be right(not really), yet we demonize the wrong people majority of the time. Majority of what we learn and are told are just lies.

Did you know that you cannot open a bank account in certain countries? Why is that? Do you know anything about how we acquired our huge amount and debt, and why? How about where our money comes from? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. I just want to bring your attention, and get you to think. We are born into a world where we automatically owe debt… then we are told how to behave. There are people who cause great havoc, yet get away from it, and then there are people like Cam Newton(football player) who walked away from the panel after his loss at the Super Bowl and the news went nuts. Cam did not cause anyone harm, yet he was demonized while the real crooks were ignored. It is astounding how much bullshit there is today…If we do not pay taxes we can end up in jail. Now why do we have to pay insane amount of taxes? I’m sure many of you have valid opinions/thoughts, yet it really is not that simple. We even get taxed when we die!! That is sad, and funny. Check out this informative videos bellow to better comprehend what I’m getting at….

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGk5ioEXlIM (This one will entertain, and briefly explain to you the federal reserve and how it works)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9ub25WjEK0 (This one looks at the 2008 crash. The how and why it happened)

You can also watch The Big Short movie that goes over this topic while entertains you at the same moment.

The Central Bank, and USA’s back down from the gold standard is the primary culprit of our current financial problems.

Did you know that our current education system came from a Prussian system? The Prussian system was designed in order to create obedient workers(look it up yourself). Why do you think we do not get educated about practical education that we can actually use in the real world like finance, etc? The education system eliminates practically all critical thinking, and creates blind obedience. Think of WWII and how the children were manipulated, and how fear and hate played a big role as well.

A few days ago I walked by a few college students and I heard similar discussions…One went along the lines of “Hey you going to the party man get drunk, and shit” another group said, “ I was not invited to a party, I’m so pissed.” The last one said something about some dumb drama. Listen, partying is fine, but it seems like that’s all I hear from many people. There is very little of abstract thinking going on. My mental, and physical boner goes down when I meet girls that only have looks to offer. What will the girl have to offer once her looks fade? Anyways lets get back on track…

Yes, we are doing quite well compared to past times. But ask yourself this are you really living the life you want? On your own terms instead of being controlled and influenced by the lobbyists, and governments around you…

Most people will continue on living the life they desperately despise and will do nothing to change it because it is hard. Nevertheless, you can do something. You can start putting yourself out there and try to figure it out. When was the last time you read a non fiction book that is not for a class, and can actually help you? When was the last time you read a book when you did not have to?

The fall of many great civilizations came from arrogance. Meaning arrogance is not bliss, contrary to popular belief. We are brainwashed. Lets start questioning the status quo. I realize most people do not want to be woken up to the real world, but this is for those who can handle it and want to create a great life.

We are too scared to try things. And waste our lives away. Social security, pensions, and retirements are such a scam. You going to believe some politician or bureaucrat to have your interest at heart. Yes, you may fail but you will learn and build great memories. The worst thing is doing nothing.

I will only take advice from successful people, and ignore the majority.

As I write this it kind of reminds me of the movie Matrix…. Even when Neo was awoken he was terrified, but it changed him for the better. Do not be shocked if another crash happens within the next few years. This crash will be much worse, and the few who choose to wake up and learn can benefit from it. The dollar will crash. Just look at history. Look at what happened to Zimbabwe. Lets start asking questions and if possible create solutions. Have a great day guys. 🙂

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