Look Up

I remember getting into a discussion with a couple of guys about whether United States of America is truly the greatest country in the world. I ended choosing the side of objectivity. They endorsed to me that USA was the greatest country in the world while I took the apposing viewpoint. I notice that many people are often too patriotic, and often refuse to see things from an objective viewpoint rather than an subjective one. But are the states really that great? Sure we are quite well of for the most part but when you look closely and see how other countries operate you might see how prejudice of a statement it is to say that one country is the best compared to others.

Do yourself a favor, look up.

Did you know that today it is illegal for children to start a lemonade stand in USA? Well it is. And if they choose to go on and follow the rules and regulations of the government they will end up spending an excessive amount of money just to start their business. Then there is a story of teenage boys in New Jersey who wanted to make money shoveling snow around their neighborhood after a severe snow storm. Guess what? It was illegal for them to go door to door to offer their services? That is truly ridiculous! Did you know that the crash of 2008 could have been prevented? Many people do not even know how it happened because we have become a generation of smart phones who rarely look up at the world to see what is truly happening behind the scenes. As a population we are quite naive, I know I was and still am in many ways. If USA is so free why do I have to pay for Social Security when I may want to choose to go my way? The amount of debt that the USA has accumulated in recent years is insane, yet we rarely understand how and why that is.

Just look up.

I’m not saying the states are not great, they are but it’s naive to say we are so great when other countries do things better than us and we ignore it. There is just so much insanity going on at this time. It is the worst and the best time to be alive.

Even the news media has become corrupt and saturated with dishonesty. There is a reason why there is a rise in independent news networks now. In Russia there is a well known quote stating, “There is no truth in the news, and there is no news in the truth.” The Russians during the communist rule were quite aware of deceit and corruption, yet they could not be open about things because they could be killed or exiled.

They looked up.

We have to realize that praying, thinking, and wishing will not solve any problems. Action is the only thing that can make any difference. We have to become aware and realize that ignorance is not bliss. Sure, saying “ignorance is bliss” sounds euphoric and great, but the risks of being unaware will mean you will be taken advantage of.

Unless you look up.

I’d rather realize that I’m stuck in a hole and crawl my way out of it, rather than be stuck in it and then be buried alive. We are creatures of habits that like comfort, and it is hard to take risks and change. We often wait till a disaster strikes before we take any action.

I was going to transfer to a new college but then I looked around me and saw that having a degree is not enough. You only need a degree for certain areas such as the medical field. People are stressed about their debts, and people get easily sucked into this trap. Lucky for me I was smart enough not to get caught up in it.

Because I was trying to look up.

The best advice I have gotten from a successful person was to travel, and then allow myself to figure out what I want. I now know what I want now. Generally speaking. And I am moving towards it. It wont be easy and I am a bit scared. But then the “biggest risk is not taking any.” In fact, I am taking risks myself. One of them is that I am going to travel to another country just to learn from other successful people. I’ve learned that it is best to ignore the common men and watch what the successful do. How often do we think of doing something greater than ourselves, but are paralyzed to move? We rarely take a leap of faith simply because someone talks us out of it. When I go out I just look around me, and often I see faces that look down at the ground with concern to what David Thoreau refers to as “quiet desperation” of men.

Please look up.

Here is one thing I have learned recently while trying to learn about investing. Everyone is an investor with their time. And it does not matter how rich or wealthy one becomes. They can easily lose it all. There are countless examples of rich folks losing it all, and even getting in debt because they simply did not educate themselves.

They did not look up.

I will end it with this. There was a nurse who interviewed people on their deathbed, and many of those people had the same regrets. She wrote about it and it is known as, “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” if you have not heard of it then check it out. And if that does not invoke something within you then you are not human.


Do yourself a favor and look up.

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