The Alabaster Girl

The Alabaster Girl” by Zan Perrion is a must read for everyone. Zan Perrion depicts a pure, and genuine way of life as well as his love for women. It is a novel that will make you question, and think about your choices in every aspect of your life. My favorite parts of the book is when he adds sections which read like a personal journal. The novel is confrontational and vulnerable. Bellow are ten passages which resonated with me, but to be honest I liked the whole novel.

1) When we travel to another city. Why do we stay on the tourist track? How dreary to see the world this way! Far better to discover the rhythm of the place.

2) Why do men brag about their exploits? I’ve never understood this. I never kiss and tell.

3) True beauty is so rare that when you encounter it in nature, in art, in people-it breaks your heart.

4) Hot women are everywhere; they abound. They are beautified, not beautiful. Beautiful women, on the other hand are rare.

5) We are moving out of our comfort zone. This is marvelous, don’t you see? Nothing wonderful is ever accomplished without the willingness to look foolish or risk failure.

6) Your eyes find mine and the whole scene pauses and the pause makes me smile because we both know.

7) She is not my possession; she has the right to be happy in life, and if she would be happier with someone else, then she should be allowed that freedom.

8) There is a lot of sadness in this world and it increases immeasurably when a relationship comes crashing down for whatever reason. And I am not going to be that reason.

9) Who were you, Claude Monet? What were you trying to capture in life? What were you trying to steal?

10) We never take time to be still, to sit with ourselves quietly. It is amazing that we spend thirty minutes watching a sitcom we don’t really care about, and yet we won’t take that same thirty minutes to sit quietly and consider our future, what it is we really want, and our place on this earth.

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