Black Lines(Artwork)

Black Lines” by Vasili Kandinsky. It has a Fauvism style to it. The artwork has a bit more cool colors than warm ones. He quit his lucrative job as a lawyer when he saw an artwork which resonated with him. It takes some balls to quit a lucrative job, and follow your passion/calling. He would end up becoming one of the first abstract artistsSpirituality was part of the art process to him. His goal was to simply eliminate representation altogether. His artwork is nonrepresentational which makes it harder to describe. The colors definitely attempt to elicit emotion, and it reminds me of a neuro mind trick. The premise of this neuro mind trick is to allow the individual to get over any emotional baggage or event. The primary part of this trick is having the person imagine their event as a picture, and then turning it into a black and white one; in order, to remove any emotions attached to the event. Sorry for going off tangent. This artwork on the other hand can make the viewer think about the artwork. It looks like there is hints of some images in the artwork;for example, on the far left it looks like trees which could be a representation of the tundra forest in his native homeland Russia. The squiggles and black lines perhaps hint at some type of destructiveness or change. 

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