Little Kid

He was eight years old. What I noticed about him is something I do not see in most. He made me realize over and over again that kids are way cooler than most adults. I was shooting hoops, and his enthusiasm made me smirk. He looked me in the eyes with pure confidence and cheered me on as I made my shots. Most people cannot handle eye contact, yet this little kid could.  He stole my basketball for a few seconds and made his shot. His enthusiasm was truly captivating. He owned his brothers in basketball; not so much with skill but with fun persistence. What can I say he was three feet of awesomeness.  It seems we lose that kidlike ambition as we grow up.  He did not care what others thought of him he did as he pleased. He hid nothing. His actions told no lies. He had more balls to express himself than most adults. Yes, he has more courage to express himself than most. The moral of the story don’t lose that kid like appeal.

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