Calm Pressure

Absurd Artwork Final

I had to create a self portrait for my art elective for college. Bellow is the short description of the artwork. Hope you enjoy it.

To begin, I wanted to make an absurd self portrait because I wanted to make the viewer gasp with either disgust or laughter. Generally self portraits have been made as grandiose exaggerations of oneself; as a result, I decided to make my artwork a little serious as well as ridiculous. I took the inspiration from a superman poster. I hope I do not come off as a narcissist or self absorbed.

I enjoy using dry media therefore I used different shades of pencils which I forget what they are called. The artwork took me about 40 hours because I’m slow, methodical, and art does not come naturally to me. I wanted to use triadic colors because they balance each other fairly well and represent apposite emotions. I did not take the artwork to South Korea with me because I was afraid it would get damaged; as a result I could not blend in the blue color like the grey shades. I used blue because it is a calm color, and that represents my demeanor. I thought about a memory when I had a passenger on a motorcycle and they were passionate, yet could not relax; therefore, it was my job to keep them at ease so we do not crash. The helmet can be seen as an astronaut helmet since superman is from outer space. I’m from another country; therefore, I sometimes feel like like an alien from a certain perspective. I also thought about a night I spent with a South Korean woman, and she had red lipstick on which is why I painted the lips red.

The helmet was photoshoped to create variety, and to make it stand out. For the cape I wanted to create a waterfall type of effect but it was difficult to do especially since I used paint program to add red, and blue colors. The forms that stand out are the helmet, superman logo, camera, and red lips. I tried to make the texture of the artwork soft to create a relaxed vibe. The helmet has a camera on it because I motovlog, and it is part of today’s culture. The superman logo is also part of the visual culture today especially with the new superman movie coming out soon. The helmet, superman, and lips are put close together to make the center the vocal point. In addition, they represent three things that I like.

Content in general is supposed to be about not taking things too seriously, and being able to remain calm while being in the midst of passion, and pressure.

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