Running Through The Dark

Running through the dark night I feel the stress alleviate from my body and smile. So much on my mind. Yes, I am stressed yet calm at the same moment. My breath is steady,my shoulders are strong, and my legs are the sails which carry me on. This is agony. This is suffering. This is emotion. I simply tell myself to relax, and carry on. Passing a stranger I wave at them and they return the gesture back. I want to conquer the weakness in myself. I am alive. I do not want to numb this feelings inside. I want to experience the whole range of emotions which are within me. I think about how people numb their feelings in order to deal with their demons. But if you are numb you will miss out on the good, and the bad. I do not drink coffee because I do not need it to wake up. Have you ever asked yourself if you really need coffee in order to function? I refuse to be a slave to it all. I am alive. Sometimes we just have to let go. As I continue upon my run I can no longer see where my feet hit the floor. A car is approaching me head on. Will I get hit? I don’t know. I move slightly to the side to avoid a meeting with death, and at the last moment the car gives me room. It’s a group of girls who cheer me on. I simply wave in their direction with a genuine smile. Running up the hill my breath is steady, my shoulders are strong, and my legs are the sails which carry me on. I tell myself I want to get my heart broken. Break me in two. Break me apart. Break me. I don’t mind. I truly don’t mind at all.

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